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Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 4 will not be compatible with games in physical version of the PlayStation. See the confirmation on Wikipedia.

Sony plans to launch a streaming service via the cloud with Gaikai, a company acquired by Sony in July 2012. The service will emulate and make the games of previous generations playable on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita through the internet. But this service will not be available at the launch of the console in Europe

Please take the time to read the articles we give you all day
you do not even read them

you must already have the PS3 version and the promotional code
you enter the code and this code allows you to pay less for the ps4 version
and for most of these games the price is 10th

look on the store you have a PS3 heading to PS4

so if you do not have it on PS3 yet
then no need to download the PS3 version as much take the 4 directly

it was basically for those who bought the game just before the PS4 so
because the Gta fifa COD are coming out september october november
the balls to buy a second time knowing that PS4 is out late November

if you did not buy these games at the moment it does not interest you