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The lifespan of your air conditioning installation will depend on the brand and therefore its quality

Japanese products like Panasonic, DAIKIN, MITSUBISHI electric, HITACHI, ATLANTIC are more reliable than Korean or Chinese products.

Japanese brands often install their air conditioners in China for a lower labor cost but the technology remains Japanese and mastered.

It is true that the brands 100% China and Korea are more and more reliable but the service is not at the appointment.

To return to the life of an air conditioner it depends on the maintenance and the environment in which it is located.

The basic maintenance is to clean as regularly as possible your filters at least 4 times a year at an individual and at a hairdresser for example it will be once a week. The environment is important

Likewise if you are a smoker and smoke inside your home or the air conditioner is located in a bar

Nicotine will very quickly foul filters and the evaporator.

So the maintenance at your level is essential and an annual maintenance by a professional to increase the life of your device.

From experience the life of a well installed device is 14 to 20 years